Be warned now, this is going to be a long post. I have a lot to talk about. We've been pretty busy lately, Derrick with a t-shirt competition for his favorite band and me with cosplays. For those who don't know what it is, its basically just costumes, in America its associated with dressing up as anime characters. We've got an anime convention coming up on Friday and I planned 2 new cosplays for this one which is a lot work. However, with the coning of my good friend Paige, I added another one to the list. SO I'm going as Holo from Spice and Wolf, Minami from Baka and Test, and lastly, after much convincing and an episode or two, Rarity for My Little Pony.(P.S. click their name for a link on who they are ;) )  Through all my stress, tears, and toil, I thought it would be helpful to do a helpful post on cosplaying for you all. I've been doing it for 3 maybe 4 years now. By no means am I an expert, but I do know a few tricks here and there. SO for the rest of this post its all about the COSPLAY! <- Link, you should click it!

When Derrick talked to me about starting a blog I was unsure, but he wanted to show that long distance relationships can work. Everything may seem all dandy but the truth is all couples fight. Even we do, sometimes more than others. It sucks, it really does. Through all this crap it really shows myself how much I really love him. I may be mad at him, I might stay that way for a while. But at the end of the day I don't want to be with anyone but him and that's what really matters. So in the end I guess all I have to say is I love you. There's nothing more to say to him than that. We frustrate each other, push each others buttons, but we'll be back to giggling and doing silly couples stuff in no time. Just watch us. 'cause we love one another. 
Derrii-kun pretty much hit it on the ball. It was so so much. I only have a few things to add really. First; he's so frustrating that he guesses these things, can't he just you know, not guess!? Never the less, still so much fun. The other thing he left out that for some reason I find too funny was after all the Raging Rapids rides we were walking to the next coaster and I had a little water left in my glass that I didn't want. It was one of those small cups they give you with free water, and it probably had a quarter of water in it. So I looked at him, smiled, and dumped it on his head! Oh I thought it was so funny. He was already soaking so it really didn't add that much but his face of complete shock that I did it was priceless. Of course he did it back but what frustrated him was by the time we were in line for the coaster, my hair was almost completely dry!

All around an amazing day. I love you Derrii-Kun. <3
As all 5 of you who are actually probably reading this thing (thank you, you rapscallions, you!) may have already noticed from both the images below, and the images recently added in Our Photo Album, we found ourselves transported to a long sense deserted land of Oklahoma where only the most joyous go and the possibilities of being turned into a tie'em up happy Cowboy and his lovely Indian confidant may become reality: Frontier City. That's the website, for those of you out-of-staters unfamiliar with the name (pssst, it's an amusement park). I know, I've been pretty snarky in this post thus far, but to admit my excitement for this would be such an understatement. You see, I had never been to Frontier City, in all my years living in OK I had never been to our premiere theme park, nor have I still ever been to our premiere water park: White Water Bay, but that is a whole 'nother thing. And I have all my life heard from people on both sides of the fence when in regards to the place. To them it either sucks, or it's the greatest thing in the world. But I can only tell you that majority of people who say it sucks have been there so many times they've gotten bored, and of course anywhere you go over and over and over is going to get boring after awhile, and it's not like a lot of have the money to magically go out of state to a bigger, better theme park. This is what we got it, it isn't huge by any standard, but you know what? It's fun. It's a helluva lot of fun. Especially when you're with someone else who is having fun and actually sees that this place isn't that bad. Now, granted it was having maintenance problems on a lot of the rides throughout the day, but that's honestly to be expected. And I am so happy Mii~chan took me, and the best part for her probably was that I hadn't the slightest clue (I kinda did, but I'm just a good guesser like that, but I was still thoroughly surprised), it made me so happy to know she was willing to take me all the way there just to have a good, fun, relaxing day with just the both of us. And she knew I had never gone, and that my last theme park experience was, shall we say, a little lackluster (but that's okay now). It really made me remember just how much she loves me, and how happy I am to be with her. We spent the whole day there.

So last night just an hour before I got off work I got a notification on my Facebook page of a "live art show" in downtown of my home town going from 5-8 pm. 5:00 pm was when I got off work, so I wasn't able to venture out till about 5:45 after I had gotten home and taken a shower. Luckily I had one of my best friends to go with me, Clemente, and like me he was rather excited. Because both off us are so busy that to be able to have the chance to go to an actual event of some kind just overjoyed us, it helped that it was an art show since we're both professional Graphic Designer's and children of the art world. To add even more, it was an event being held by a good friend of mine I went to design school with. His name is Nathan Guidry, and he is a stellar designer, painter and all around artist, he's also a great guy to be around. But last night was not one of his best moments, at least in my eyes. He created the event just an hour before his display went live, and the only description added was "look for the blue jump suit and the tv." I read this as markers for what would be an actual art show, because he loves putting these things on. Of course it could just be my mistake for getting excited for an art show.

Midnight snacks = midnight blog posts. I'm super excited for tomorrow and I can't sleep. So I'll blog! I'm sittin' here with my bowl of Fried Dumplings and soy sauce getting hit in the head with Speedo's giant fluffy tail. gah! I really need to be in bed, its almost 2am! D: But still...I'm just so excited!
Just a short video of gettin' ready!
So, I'm really excited. I've planned a trip for us to go on tomorrow. He doesn't know where we're going but I've been wanting to go and been planning this trip for about 3 weeks. I'm super excited for it. I'll take my camera and hopefully will remember to actually take videos and pictures! ^^ The big question is I told him to get to Stillwater by 8 to 8:30 so we'll see if that lazy boy can actually get up in time. I'm super excited and I hope he is too.
Today was Independence Day! Minus the alien invasion (dag nab bit). And this is Derrick speaking, thank y'all very much. Today was a day for celebrating America's favorite part of history: the invention of fireworks (and Captain America punching Hitler in the face). I got with my family today, as I was unable to take a trip down to see the fireworks show with Megan in her home town, it was unfortunate but I had fun nonetheless. And we kept in contact the whole time. So my family and I were out shooting fireworks when the funniest thing happened: Cop came up to us, told us there were fires going on in other parts of the town, so we had to stop. Apparently they were stopping everyone. So no more aerials (but the ones closest to the ground were a-okay). The cop saw our hose we had hooked up so he appreciated that we had water at the ready if we started one. We were being careful to keep one from happening. Just after he left though, our box caught fire as we were putting away used fireworks. It was so ironic. We did not go for the hose to put it out though, instead we scrambled to use water bottles. So here's to family, fun and making memories! And tomorrow, I get to see my love! :D

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