This week's column is about the youth of today's society, and how they already make feel old.

Also of highlight, two of my photos I took landed on the front of the paper this week!

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Link to online version of the column as well right here:
Ever since like Jr. High...maybe even sooner, but I always wanted colored hair. Not all of it, but like the tips of it. And now that I'm in college, I finally did it! I personally think it looks amazing but that may just be me ;)
Lookin pretty hot, huh? -Derrii-kun

Attached is the high-res scan (sorry for the bad picture) and here is a link to the online story if you wish to read it there. :)

More columns will be coming, as long as I continue to work for this newspaper so I am definitely excited!

Derrick talks all about everyday passion.
It was the 17th of August and she was all settled in, just into college, oh the smile on her chin. And there I arrived to take her out on the town, to celebrate that which set her heart abound.

After a long, long wait, here it finally is the tale of a birthday date that may or may not have involved some highly trained Navy SEALS.

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