Today was Independence Day! Minus the alien invasion (dag nab bit). And this is Derrick speaking, thank y'all very much. Today was a day for celebrating America's favorite part of history: the invention of fireworks (and Captain America punching Hitler in the face). I got with my family today, as I was unable to take a trip down to see the fireworks show with Megan in her home town, it was unfortunate but I had fun nonetheless. And we kept in contact the whole time. So my family and I were out shooting fireworks when the funniest thing happened: Cop came up to us, told us there were fires going on in other parts of the town, so we had to stop. Apparently they were stopping everyone. So no more aerials (but the ones closest to the ground were a-okay). The cop saw our hose we had hooked up so he appreciated that we had water at the ready if we started one. We were being careful to keep one from happening. Just after he left though, our box caught fire as we were putting away used fireworks. It was so ironic. We did not go for the hose to put it out though, instead we scrambled to use water bottles. So here's to family, fun and making memories! And tomorrow, I get to see my love! :D


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