It has been awhile since I posted about my column writings here, usually I tend to it every week but these last few weeks I have been so busy with campaign season creating ads for the local candidates to put in the newspaper.

So playing a bit of catch-up here, I will try not to be so late on my columns again. :)

Column #3
In this I discuss how my cats have opened my eyes to a wonderful world of pet terror but also a lot of laughter.

Column #4
This one is pretty personal as I delve into some childhood memories for you all, and this was published on November 1st, the day after Anti-Bullying month ended so don't get too confused time wise on the first sentence. :)
Also it is smudged in the middle due to the opposite page's ink bleeding over, but it's still readable.

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Column #3, Column #4

On September 1, 2012 Mii~chan and myself officially hit 3 years of being together.

But we really didn’t want to anything extravagant for it so we thought of something to do that was pretty simple but rather fun, and that’s when our friend Ezekial came to the rescue.

He handed me a voucher for 2 tickets to the Oklahoma City Zoo and we were on our way. Neither of us had been to the OKC zoo in quite a few years, and it was a lot of fun.

There isn’t much to say about it other than how hot it was, we walked around a lot and got lost even at some venues.

Towards the end Mii~chan got overheated and we had to leave before I could see the Elephants, but I was just glad I able to take care of her.

We will be going back eventually though; I really want to see the Elephants. :)

Derrii-kun took a few videos too! Click here to see them! Sea Lions! Tigers! Leopard! Tortoise! Oh my!
We saws this squirrel while we were there. I swear , this was the laziest squirrel I have ever seen. He scurried across the path and just flopped in the dirt and shade. It was adorable. We played/watched him for quite a while. ^^ Probably one of my favorite parts.
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