So last night just an hour before I got off work I got a notification on my Facebook page of a "live art show" in downtown of my home town going from 5-8 pm. 5:00 pm was when I got off work, so I wasn't able to venture out till about 5:45 after I had gotten home and taken a shower. Luckily I had one of my best friends to go with me, Clemente, and like me he was rather excited. Because both off us are so busy that to be able to have the chance to go to an actual event of some kind just overjoyed us, it helped that it was an art show since we're both professional Graphic Designer's and children of the art world. To add even more, it was an event being held by a good friend of mine I went to design school with. His name is Nathan Guidry, and he is a stellar designer, painter and all around artist, he's also a great guy to be around. But last night was not one of his best moments, at least in my eyes. He created the event just an hour before his display went live, and the only description added was "look for the blue jump suit and the tv." I read this as markers for what would be an actual art show, because he loves putting these things on. Of course it could just be my mistake for getting excited for an art show.

So Clemente and I drove around all of downtown, which is a vague statement given downtown is rather a generalization than just one small part of this town. We looked for a good hour and a half till we finally just decided to go visit a local shop that sales really nice art and nick knacks made my local artists: The Felt Bird. It's a really nice place, I enjoy it, and while we were there outside a local musical artist, Gary Bangs, was entertaining. He's quite good, if you have a moment visit the link I just set up there under his name and listen to his stuff (maybe even "like" him on Facebook). I also recorded a video for you guys, but my phone is being ridiculous and won't let me upload it to my YouTube account. So we'll see if I can get it later.
After we left the Felt Bird, we finally found Nathan a few blocks away, and I took a picture for you all above, he was sitting out there with a makeshift television just staring at it while he was "chained" to it, with a sign on his back for traffic to see that read "This is you." -- Honestly, I like this, I think it's a nice nod to how society has gotten so wrapped up in their magical picture machines these days they refuse to get out and enjoy the day/night. Which was finely contrasted with the fact that we actually outside. My complaints though, were his advertising for the event was way too close to the actual thing so I am going to guess hardly anyone showed up, which also is added to the fact he was so damn hard to find in the first place, but he also made it sound like an actual art event instead of this. So stumbling across it was pretty underwhelming from my expectations. Added to again, was when we got there, and as Clemente explained to it was probably part of the act, was he acted like he barely knew us and then just handed us a business card made by Vista Print. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing on my friend, especially if it was part of that act I am all for that, it just didn't add to my initial sort of rage over having to hunt all over the place to get the above image. It was hot, and it made me cranky, especially after the aforementioned finally getting to go to some kind of event for once as a possible reward for working all the dame time.
Nathan is a fantastic artist, but he needs to work on his marketing skills just a bit.

                                                                                                        Till next time, - Derrii-kun.


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