It has been awhile since I posted about my column writings here, usually I tend to it every week but these last few weeks I have been so busy with campaign season creating ads for the local candidates to put in the newspaper.

So playing a bit of catch-up here, I will try not to be so late on my columns again. :)

Column #3
In this I discuss how my cats have opened my eyes to a wonderful world of pet terror but also a lot of laughter.

Column #4
This one is pretty personal as I delve into some childhood memories for you all, and this was published on November 1st, the day after Anti-Bullying month ended so don't get too confused time wise on the first sentence. :)
Also it is smudged in the middle due to the opposite page's ink bleeding over, but it's still readable.

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Column #3, Column #4

On September 1, 2012 Mii~chan and myself officially hit 3 years of being together.

But we really didn’t want to anything extravagant for it so we thought of something to do that was pretty simple but rather fun, and that’s when our friend Ezekial came to the rescue.

He handed me a voucher for 2 tickets to the Oklahoma City Zoo and we were on our way. Neither of us had been to the OKC zoo in quite a few years, and it was a lot of fun.

There isn’t much to say about it other than how hot it was, we walked around a lot and got lost even at some venues.

Towards the end Mii~chan got overheated and we had to leave before I could see the Elephants, but I was just glad I able to take care of her.

We will be going back eventually though; I really want to see the Elephants. :)

Derrii-kun took a few videos too! Click here to see them! Sea Lions! Tigers! Leopard! Tortoise! Oh my!
We saws this squirrel while we were there. I swear , this was the laziest squirrel I have ever seen. He scurried across the path and just flopped in the dirt and shade. It was adorable. We played/watched him for quite a while. ^^ Probably one of my favorite parts.
                                                                                                                                                -Mii~Chan & Derrii-kun
This week's column is about the youth of today's society, and how they already make feel old.

Also of highlight, two of my photos I took landed on the front of the paper this week!

As always, ENJOY! And feel free to leave comments down below. We like to hear your opinions. :)

Link to online version of the column as well right here:
Ever since like Jr. High...maybe even sooner, but I always wanted colored hair. Not all of it, but like the tips of it. And now that I'm in college, I finally did it! I personally think it looks amazing but that may just be me ;)
Lookin pretty hot, huh? -Derrii-kun

Attached is the high-res scan (sorry for the bad picture) and here is a link to the online story if you wish to read it there. :)

More columns will be coming, as long as I continue to work for this newspaper so I am definitely excited!

Derrick talks all about everyday passion.
It was the 17th of August and she was all settled in, just into college, oh the smile on her chin. And there I arrived to take her out on the town, to celebrate that which set her heart abound.

After a long, long wait, here it finally is the tale of a birthday date that may or may not have involved some highly trained Navy SEALS.

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I will allow our videos and pictures that we recorded to speak for most of the story, but to get a bit of explaining out of the way, Mii~chan and myself attended the Asian Moon Festival at her college this past Friday, an annual festival celebrating all Asian cultures from Korea to Japan, from China to India and everywhere in between. The festival offered games, food, performances from the different countries and a showcase of all the different Asian traditional fashion.

Also very prevalent was the ever so powerful and growing Gangnam style as we got to see actual Koreans and Giant Panda perform the dance (though we got no video of it, we did get some rather shaky images).

Now, let’s get to the good stuff (videos and pictures after the jump):

Today a little 13 year old boy killed himself at a school Mii~chan once attended, even so it was the little brother of one of her best friends. So she has been taking it really hard.

And it got me to thinking on what I should say of the matter, because as a human I felt I should say something. And this will extend to anyone and everyone who has ever taken their life over bullying or for any reason.

I was bullied in school pretty horribly growing up, and it never once let up until I hit high school and the bullies started realizing they had better things to do with their lives. I was even jumped a few times, and it was at its worst around the age of 13 as well. And it never helped that to add to the bullying I was always the butt of my friends jokes, that it became very very difficult to tell a regular insult from a fun-loving joke. And I still struggle with that today even.

I remember one time I was in basketball practice around 7th grade I believe and one of the upperclassmen who wasn't even on the team came up to me and shoved me down as I jumped up to shoot for a basket. I defended myself the best I could but wouldn't you know it, my coach didn't do a single thing about it. And he wouldn't be the last in this story. When we thought he had left, our coach sent us to change and called practice over and this same guy showed up in the locker room. He chatted a bit with the others he was friends with and as people started leaving one by one, this guy stayed. And his name was Kasey, so I'm gonna stop calling him guy from this point on. I tried leaving but Kasey wouldn't let me and not a single person on the team would help, they just kept leaving. And I was pretty physically week back in these days. I was your standard skinny-armed white boy nerd.

Well when all that was left was me, he had one of his friends Andrew, another even upperclassmen come in and put me in a headlock and then Kasey continued by threatening to stab me in the stomach with a freshly sharpened pointed pencil. He didn't after I started crying, and then he and Andrew let me go.

And to this day, I never found out what started any of it. I asked why, and he simply said he didn't like me though I had never done anything to him to begin with.

I ran out of their crying and I ran straight to the principal's office. When I got there I found one of my best friends Mitchell there as well and he too was crying, turned out another one of the upperclassmen, Derek, was right outside throwing basketballs at Mitchell just because he could. We explained everything to our Principal and Superintendent but ultimately they never did anything about it.

Of course I told my parents too and my mom confronted each kid about what happened but they only laughed.


The moral of the story and the reason why I told it comes from a question Mii~chan asked me earlier today, "why do kids do this to each other?" and my answer was: I don't know. And it's true, as a victim of bullying I still cannot tell you what triggers kids to do what they do. And the saddest part comes from authority figures who are incapable of making a dent in the system and stopping the bullying before it starts or gets worse.

Kids are too scared to talk to authority figures as well, and thats also sad but it's understandable. A parent can mostly threaten, not always can they do much more. And when you're alone, that bully can do whatever he likes to you to create yet another scar on your heart.

I just want people to know, that as the younger members of the human race it is up to us to be influential in keeping this world pristine and habitable for future generations like this little 13 year old boy who left us all too soon. And we need to make it worth wanting to stay on wether we do it emotionally or environmentally, kids should not have to grow up carrying the weight and scars of those who would harm them. We all deserve to live, a happy long natural life and die at a natural old age looking back on the happy life we lived, and the good people we helped.

Every being of life is precious. Human, animal and plant.

Let's start cleaning up our own messes. As precious as we are, let's start loving instead.

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