It was the 17th of August and she was all settled in, just into college, oh the smile on her chin. And there I arrived to take her out on the town, to celebrate that which set her heart abound.

After a long, long wait, here it finally is the tale of a birthday date that may or may not have involved some highly trained Navy SEALS.

As previously mentioned Mii~chan had officially moved into her college apartment ready to begin the year, but we had to still celebrate her birthday so I made a special trip down dressed up all fancy like and filled with a promise of an unforgettable night. She was turning 18, after all so it had to be special no matter what.

She looked so nice in her black dress and her pink heels that complimented each other nicely. Her hair was straight down just the way I like it and a big grin on her face. “Happy birthday, my love,” I said as I presented her with her gifts (some very nerdy stuff, as it were but things I knew she would enjoy) and she kissed me and then we were on our way.

We left for Bricktown with reservations to In The Raw Sushi which turned out to be a very lovely and booming place, it had a nice design and atmosphere to it and as you would know it parking was hell. Hahaha. Seriously, we had no idea where to park, and it was funny seeing other drivers getting lost as well.

Finally we got in and we talked about the life we aspired for where we could get out like this more and just revel in a sleepless city that is fully of bristling life if only for the fact that it was an experience in life we had not yet had and it seemed attractive to us. And yes, it still does, just you know… money and all that stuff.

The food was wonderful and then we walked about and around the town across the river just taking in the atmosphere. We saw they were giving carriage rides outside the baseball stadium and Mii~chan was dying to go on one. We had only ever been on one before just before one of her winter balls at school and it was okay, not very long. This though was fancy looking and would take us further and give us more time to relax and take in the sites.

So we went on our carriage ride where the man giving us the lift was very nice and offered fantastic customer service we ended up learning a lot and it was great to be able to tell he truly loved what he did; I admire people like that.

The bustling city from the moving pace of a trotting horse was surreal and wonderful to take in, Mii~chan loved it and that made me happiest of all.

After the carriage ride we decided to head on over to a candy shop we had passed on the ride and it seemed like fun, Bricktown Candy Co. is the name and I would recommend to anyone. It was small and friendly, very colorful and covered in all sort of delicious candies and sugar. Oh, blissful happiness. We sat at one of the little children’s tables as we ate our gelato and laughed and made jokes.

The night was filled with memories and promises made, of adventures now passed and of adventures still to be made. As we decided that was the life we wanted to live, not one of partying and always going out every night just to feel alive in a very much alive city, but to have the financial and independent freedom to go out and have fun once in a while just because we can with nice food and getting lost in traffic/parking and meeting random people on the streets that give you carriage rides or have to get their kids out of the way so you can take a picture of a fake buffalo.

The freedom to be free.

Happy birthday, my sweet.

And here’s to the next years to come!

P.S. – Yeah, the Navy SEALS part from earlier was just in there so I could rhyme. :p


P.P.S. -- Hey! Go check out the rest of our photos from that night and more on Our Photo Album!



10/22/2012 10:48pm

Gelato?! Really?! Coolness! Overall it looks like you both had a wonderful time celebrating Mii'chan's birthday.


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