As all 5 of you who are actually probably reading this thing (thank you, you rapscallions, you!) may have already noticed from both the images below, and the images recently added in Our Photo Album, we found ourselves transported to a long sense deserted land of Oklahoma where only the most joyous go and the possibilities of being turned into a tie'em up happy Cowboy and his lovely Indian confidant may become reality: Frontier City. That's the website, for those of you out-of-staters unfamiliar with the name (pssst, it's an amusement park). I know, I've been pretty snarky in this post thus far, but to admit my excitement for this would be such an understatement. You see, I had never been to Frontier City, in all my years living in OK I had never been to our premiere theme park, nor have I still ever been to our premiere water park: White Water Bay, but that is a whole 'nother thing. And I have all my life heard from people on both sides of the fence when in regards to the place. To them it either sucks, or it's the greatest thing in the world. But I can only tell you that majority of people who say it sucks have been there so many times they've gotten bored, and of course anywhere you go over and over and over is going to get boring after awhile, and it's not like a lot of have the money to magically go out of state to a bigger, better theme park. This is what we got it, it isn't huge by any standard, but you know what? It's fun. It's a helluva lot of fun. Especially when you're with someone else who is having fun and actually sees that this place isn't that bad. Now, granted it was having maintenance problems on a lot of the rides throughout the day, but that's honestly to be expected. And I am so happy Mii~chan took me, and the best part for her probably was that I hadn't the slightest clue (I kinda did, but I'm just a good guesser like that, but I was still thoroughly surprised), it made me so happy to know she was willing to take me all the way there just to have a good, fun, relaxing day with just the both of us. And she knew I had never gone, and that my last theme park experience was, shall we say, a little lackluster (but that's okay now). It really made me remember just how much she loves me, and how happy I am to be with her. We spent the whole day there.
I had arrived in her hometown around 9:00 am, then we left around 9:30ish. Arrived nearest 11:00 am, and just had a ball. I remember we walked in and one of the first things she pointed out was how huge all the Pokemon dolls were, and they were big I tell ya. I wanted to win one for her but I was kind of broke this whole trip (still am as I write this), and I was not gonna ask her for money to so I could win her something, that is not gentlemanly like! (Or humanly sane.) Though I totally would have won it for her. She asked me what I wanted to do, and I didn't know so we looked around. Our first ride ended up being the water log ride that takes you through a really really REALLY long and dark tunnel, but ended in a kinda sorta awesome shoot down a hill into water. Always a win in my book. Next was a carousel that was actually a lot of fun, Megan really wanted to ride the dragon, it was cute. Then I think we went on the Silver Bullet, which is one of the 3 roller coaster there. And it was a lot of fun, so fun, we went on it twice! But not in a row, the second time came later. Then we went on the second roller coaster, the Wildcat which is easily the longest one there and the fastest, no loops for this feline but was definitely worth it. Then Megan really really REALLY wanted to go on the Prairie Schooner, which is a ride in the shape of a pirate ship that swing back and forth like a pendulum, it's her favorite ride so of course we went on it. And it easily became my favorite ride as well, mostly because it's so simple yet you can't help but feel overjoyed when being on it, and it gives you this really tingly feeling inside your body (physically tingly, not an emotion) that just makes the experience very surreal. So we rode it 3 times!
Then I think we rode a the Sidewinder and Tornado, which are both spinning rides. Love those types of rides. Then it was time for food. After that, and I'm pushing my memory as hard as I can here, we signed up for pictures to be taken, then went off to find more rides while we waited. First up was the Mindbender, which I had NO IDEA what it did before going on. See you strap in, then it takes you upside down several times while threatening to send you either flying high into the sky, or diving down into the cement ground below. Was not my favorite as I don't do overly well with those kind of rides. Then it was time for pictures. As you can see below, we had a lot of fun, doesn't she make such a cute Indian girl?! Ahem. Anyways, we then ran into the Raging Rapids ride that had been earlier out of commission for maintenance. Okay, this is a ride that gets you WET. Soaking. And get your minds out of the gutter, it was a blast! Megan really enjoyed it, she wanted to go on it tons of times by I talked her down to 3. Mainly cause after the third time I couldn't get any wetter without feeling like all my clothes were gonna fall off from just the weight of the water alone. And no one should be subjected to that. We then made our way to the Steel Lasso, one of those rides where you're basically hanging as you go, except in this one you're sitting down in a seat. Now, it's the shortest coaster there, but it was still pretty neat. And finally, we finished off with the highest point: The Ferris Wheel, complete with snuggling and TWO kisses at the very top. Those were my favorite. It was such a magnificent experience, and before I finish this talk of the day, I left out one ride we took to save for last: The Diamondback. It's technically a roller coaster, but not in the sense like the other 3, so I didn't include it in the initial count of coasters. It's more like a boomerang, as it shoots you across a loop and straight ot the end of the ride, then pulls you back without warning and causes you to go back in the loop backwards. This was the ride that claimed my sunglasses... but I saved it for last cause it marked Mii~chan facing her fear of the ride she's had since a little kid. And I was so proud of her, I still am. She still isn't a huge fan of it, I think even still a tad afraid, but not as much as before, cause she's afraid of the backwards loop, and if she isn't as afraid as before, then that's great progress and I'm glad I could be there to comfort her.

After that fantastic present, Megan ended up getting sick so I drove back to her house where we ate and she got to feeling better. Then we invited her very best friend Amanda over to watch an anime called Suzuka, a series I own and I've been wanting to show them. It was a really fun night, and I always like hanging out with them as it's so fun to watch them comment on things that happen in anime. Like Megan's delightful "KITTEH!" scream when one appears on screen.

Thank you, my love, for such a wonderful adventure. I will never forget it, and I hope to match it one day. Which I'm sure I will,and I'll do even more, cause I'm the guy, it's what you women pay us to be your boyfriends to do.

P.S. - Sorry everyone for taking so long to post this, it has been so freaking busy, that I had to wait till 2:00 am to type it up! Either way,  hope you enjoyed!

                                                                                                                   - With Love, Derrii-kun.

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