....wow. So sorry guys. We have been so ineradicably busy. Like I said in my last post I moved! I'm no longer living at home, I haven't been for the past month really. Its been crazy. I honestly do really love it, but like anyone, I do miss my parents from time to time. Move in day was exhausting. I never know I had so much stuff. And I didn't even bring half of the stuff from my room! Luckily my dad and brother were there to help carry up the heavy bags....ok ok, they carried up pretty much ALL the bags. But I did the unpacking and putting away. It really is quite cozy. The best part though is my kitchen. Its been so nice being able to cook for myself instead of having to eat out all the time, and Its kinda funny to see how my roommates react to my cooking. I guess I'm a bigger cook than I thought. ^^" heh.
Ack! Please excuse the awful photo DX But isn't Speedo the cutest parrot cat?

I love love having Speedo there. He makes me so happy to come home to. He hates being stuck in my room all day though. He meows and meows and meows and meows the second I come in the front door, or rather he used to. He still does if I leave him for a long time. It used to be that I would open my bedroom door and there he was, waiting for me, his cute little nose sticking out from under the bed. It was so cute. ^^ Now I bet you can't even guess where he sleeps all day. He has figured out how to open the drawers under my bed and crawl in them. That's right, he sleeps in my PJs, the stupid fluff ball. Its actually really funny, he kinda gets himself stuck sometimes. He only knows I'm home when I plop down on my bed after the tiring walk home. and *Pop!* there he is, jumping on to the bed to get he daily lovins. he really is a sweet cat though. And I really think he's liking the apartments.


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